Readers are leaders

Books, whether on your electronic reader, in an audio version in your speakers or in the good, old and humble paper form, are a never-ending source of knowledge and joy. You know it. No need to upsell this to anyone! So, as voracious readers (aka book worms), we’ve decided to spread the word, share our recommendations and observations and invite you to join the conversation.

We hope to inspire you and get inspired, looking forward to your recommendations and comments!

The books we will be reviewing represent the topics of interests of the blog’s readers:

  • business;
  • technology;
  • self-development; and
  • legal*.

*obviously, no legal treaties. We might come across, get enchanted and share with you some legal-related stuff, such as books relevant to modern lawyering, legal skills etc.

We will also collate and share some “Top X – best of – must-reads lists in specific categories.


Stay tuned ?


Click on the post’s titles to open the link to each list or review.


Artificial Intelligence (AI): Top 20 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Books for 2020



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