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Here at the CEE Legal Tech Blog, we believe in continuous growth and development – in changing the face of legal business. For doing so, you need to follow and/or connect with the right people, read the right blogs & magazines, and attend the right events. But keeping up with the latest trends is almost impossible due to the now generalized hectic office schedule. The lack of a comprehensive list including opinion leaders, companies, associations, tools, blogs, and events at global, European, and CEE levels, does not help either.

And it is precisely this shortcoming that we intend to address!

We are aware that you, our readers, are varied, have different interests, and come from diverse backgrounds. That is why we have decided to come to your aid by creating a neat and tidy list of reliable, easy to access, intuitively structured data feed.

Below you will find recommendations for people/opinion leaders, companies & associations and tools, blogs, and events for and about legal innovation. They are either CEE specific (meaning that they are from CEE and/or target CEE legal professionals), Europe specific, or simply escaping these two areas and addressing a global audience.

When choosing the companies & associations and tools below, we focused mainly on grassroots initiatives concentrating their efforts on innovating the legal industry. You will thus find start-ups, scale-ups as well as non-profit entities developing software tools for the legal industry, in general, or solely for particular niches. By and large, our list also includes those ideas and initiatives that, albeit not legal-specific, promote innovation for different businesses, including the legal one.

As for the people /opinion leaders listed below, they are the players that largely shape and influence the legal tech ecosystem at CEE, Europe, and at the global level.

We also chose to pinpoint the relevant blogs for all the legal professionals out there with a knack for innovation and in search of reliable sources of information. Depending on your geographical area of interest, you can find blogs for and about legal innovation in the CEE, Europe, or worldwide.

Lastly, we considered that a list of the most noteworthy events would be of great help for legal pioneers sipping their morning coffee while looking for some quality time, innovation-driven gatherings.


This list is undoubtedly incomplete and somewhat just a representative sampling.

If you think we missed something, do get in touch and help us widen the perspective!

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