Hello, folks! As a refresher of the 3rd event in The Uncertain Decade series, we’re presenting the main takeaways in a visual form of a gallery with quotes and snippets of the wisdom from Mark Cohen and Richard Susskind. Predictions, observations, suggestions. Let us know if you like this new form of publishing on the blog (more visuals, less classic text).

For those hungry for a more extensive and classic text version, we can recommend the writings by Joseph Raczynski (on Legal Executive Institute’s blog) and Stefanie Santana (on Medium).

PS. Our slides show what Mark Cohen and Richard Susskind said during the event, yet these are not always verbatim quotes (they’re based on notes and participation). If you think anything is misrepresented or wrong, we will appreciate letting us know, so we can correct it. Thanks!


Looking forward to comments and questions – get in touch! Thank you for reading ?



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