This section of our CEE Legal Tech Blog is dedicated to

tracking and sharing information on

digitalising dispute resolution

in Central & Eastern Europe.


We will report and provide insights on:


⚡ remote courts – public courts of law in CEE jurisdictions delivering justice online/remotely;


⚡ ADR/ODR – online alternative dispute resolution, like arbitration and mediation, in CEE;


⚡ tech for online dispute resolution – tools, software, best practices used by and created for remote courts & ODR.


 We invite contributions from colleagues in CEE jurisdictions to share any relevant news and present opinions.


We would also like to invite our readers to participate in our short survey

tracking the state and development of remote courts, ADR/ODR

and the use of tech for online dispute resolution in CEE.


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CEE – understood here as the area from the Eastern border of Germany to the Western limits of Asia. Hence, consisting of: POLAND, CZECHIA, SLOVAKIA, HUNGARY, SLOVENIA, CROATIA, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA, SERBIA, MONTENEGRO, KOSOVO, ALBANIA, NORTH MACEDONIA, ESTONIA, LATVIA, LITHUANIA, BELARUS, UKRAINE, MOLDOVA, ROMANIA, BULGARIA, RUSSIA + TURKEY. While we are fully aware of the diversity within this region, we believe there are enough of similarities, shared experiences and goals, especially in comparison to the other broader regions, that it can be considered as a whole, singular, region of Central and Eastern Europe.


Notes from the webinar by Mark Cohen & Richard Susskind – first event of Legal Geek’s The Uncertain Decade

If you missed the first (ever, we hear!) event of the two great legal innovation luminaries sharing a conference stage you can read our very thorough notes and impressions in this post.
On 30th April 2020, Mark Cohen and Richard Susskind, hosted by Legal Geek, presented their insight on the topics of:
(1) “Legal life after COVID-19 – a very new normal”; and
(2) “When courts close, what will half the world’s lawyers do?”.
This webinar was a first out of four forming the Uncertain Decade series.
We’re recommending participating in future events of the Uncertain Decade. Read our post to find out why, along with a report from the first meeting.

Online Courts in Romania: A small step for legal practitioners, a giant leap for the Romanian judicial system

On 3rd of April 2020, a group of visionary legal professionals organised the first online court hearing in Romania. The case was a moot one, in the sense that the parties and the matter brought forth before the court were all fictional. What was at stake here, though, was for the legal professionals to get a taste of online/remote dispute resolution before courts of law.
Shortly, on 7th of April 2020, the Bucharest Tribunal (both a court of first instance and appellate court) launched the Videoconferencing section on its website to be used by and large for civil cases.
These shifts of paradigm were triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated measures. The challenge will now be to sustain these actions and continue the innovation process and digitalise the Romanian judicial system once the pandemic crisis is over. The task will be a demanding one because, unlike alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as arbitration and mediation, the procedural rules governing the activity of the courts of law are largely different and mainly strict. Although seeing the possible advantages, Romanian legal professionals are still wary of the digitalisation process.

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