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Knowing the law is no longer enough for modern lawyers, especially those starting their own law firm business. The world is changing rapidly, and you can either move with it or be left behind. You reading these lines means you prefer the first option.

Riding the innovation tide is a challenge of its own and finding the best sources of information is always strenuous.

Luckily for you, we have just the solution. Enter BeSuccessful.Law!

BeSuccessful.Law is a multidisciplinary team on a mission to help lawyers become successful. Successful Lawyering Courses are aimed at empowering and inspiring lawyers to embrace a 360-degree perspective of the law. The Course was launched on the 17th of January on Udemy. It includes eight 30-minutes episodes further split into sub-topics.

    • In the first episode, we discuss the importance of expanding your horizons and acquiring new skills outside the legal realm. We pinpoint some tips for efficiently investing in yourself and what to look for when buying courses, books, and other materials.

    • Episode 2 details what other skills are an absolute must for any lawyer who wants to maintain their relevance in the 21st century.

    • In Episode 3, we discuss how to build a solid brand as a growth strategy.

    • Episode 4 emphasizes the importance of a diverse network and the steps you should take to build reliable connections.

    • Episode 5 teaches you the why’s and how’s of building a unique website and mastering SEO.

    • Episode 6 provides valuable insights and tips on establishing an online presence.

    • Episode 7 is dedicated to Marketing pro tips. You’ll learn why and, most importantly, how to intelligently use a marketing strategy to reach your goals, while testing different marketing channels.

    • Episode 8 helps you use everything you’ve learned so far. You’ll learn some handy Sales tips and how to negotiate for better deals.


Our content is for all lawyers ready to do things differently and make a difference. It is for the ones who are prepared to walk a mile in their clients’ shoes. It is for bold legal professionals who are not afraid to think differently.

We call them the New Age lawyers.

A New Age lawyer will not see economic, societal, or technological changes as obstacles but as steppingstones and mere challenges to overcome. They will embrace and thrive through paradigm shifts. They are fearless people who dare look beyond the horizon.

They are the ones willing to push for innovation for the benefit of both the industry and their clients. We understand their struggles, and we are here to help them.

If you are one of those innovators, check out our website for more details and enroll in the Successful Lawyering Course.

Our Course is a must if you want to move your legal business forward.



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