Hello there! If you are here, you are probably wondering who are the people behind this initiative:

Poland Karolina Jackowicz

Co-Editor in Chief

Karolina Jackowicz is a (re)inventor. With analytical mind – lawyer by education. As curious and empathetic spirit – mediator by profession.  At heart, driven by creative urge with a get-go attitude – a habitual process improver turned manager, serving as legal tech start-up’s CEO. When not on the road: swimming, reading or walking basenji Amiś.

Romania Theodora Stoica

Co-Editor in Chief

Theodora Stoica is an ahead of the curve, experienced lawyer and entrepreneur, interested in technology, science and history, using law-tech-design tools for a visionary 360-degree approach to the legal industry. Theodora loves animals and she’s actively advocating for their welfare.

Romania Radu Bardeanu

Technical Supervisor

Radu-Gabriel Bardeanu is a versatile senior software architect and entrepreneur with extensive experience in

Robotic Process Automation,

Artificial Intelligence,

Blockchain Technology and IT Security.


Albania ALBANIA & Kosovo KOSOVO

Kristiana Filip

Kristiana Filip is a business lawyer and legal tech entrepreneur – CEO of Legit, a startup supporting SMEs in Albania and Kosovo. She likes to use her commercial awareness in practising law and simplifying complex legal transactions.
Kristiana enjoys empowering the youth through mentoring and relaxes with reading, hiking and socialising.


Bosnia and Herzegovina BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA

Djordje Maksimović

Djordje Maksimovic, legal blogger and part-time awarding fiction writer. Highly interested and business law and the legal framework of AI. Currently pursuing a masters degree and studying for a bar exam.


Elislav Atanasov

Elislav is the founder and CEO of Legal Tech BG – a Bulgarian case and document management startup aiming to provide modern technologies for lawyers and law firms. He is also a lawyer with expertise in personal data protection and informational security.


Marko Porobija

Marko Porobija is the CEO of Porobija & Špoljarić law firm, based in Croatia. Besides providing legal services to the tech sector, his life mission is to introduce the latest technologies into the world of law and business. In rare moments of free time, he is a gamer, a hiker, and a reader.


Barbora Obračajová

Barbora believes in curiosity, smart solutions, and great (legal) design. In her work as an Associate and Innovation Ambassador at Dentons, she has developed a passion for innovative approach in providing legal services. Outside of it, she enjoys coding, language hacking, and hand lettering.


Valentin Feklistov

Valentin Feklistov is a lawyer and legal tech entrepreneur – CEO of LEGID App, a legal-tech that offers legal services on-demand via an AI-powered platform and operating in the Baltics, Poland and Spain.
Valentin wants to empower young lawyers and help accelerate their careers with the help of LegalTech and through ambassadoring a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.
Loves sports, animals and writing. Passionate about football, walking his dog and writing stories.

Mariana Hagström

Mariana Hagström is a founder and CEO of Avokaado. Before transitioning to legal tech in 2016, she practised as a corporate & IT law attorney for over 10 years and studied at Tartu and Stockholm Universities. Mariana is a true legal tech pioneer and evangelist in the Nordics, giving workshops and talks on contract automation, legal tech, and the future of law. She has been awarded in the entrepreneurship category of European Woman of Legal Tech 2020.





Here, soon, will appear some details about our new author. Stay tuned. 


Anda Bologa

Anda Bologa is a multilingual legal professional specialized in cybersecurity, data protection, and digital affairs with a proven track record of assessing challenges at the nexus between law and technology. Anda is fluent in six languages and is currently a Fulbright scholar pursuing an LL.M in Law and Technology in the US. Outside of a dog, a book is Anda‘s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.



Monika Sibinovska

Monika Sabinovska is a lawyer by education who works as project coordinator & EU funds grant writer and graphic designer. She is a proud co-creator of the first legal tech product in the Balkans – the Legal Calculator. Being extremely passionate about design and technology,  Monika dreams of remaking law study books using design thinking. A painter in her free time.




Egor Vasilev

Egor Vasilev is CEO of ELS Tech, a legal tech company that aims at providing automated legal consultations to everyone. Before joining the legal tech market he practised sports law and corporate law, now working at the nexus of applicable law and technology for the benefit of legal awareness. Plays football, loves dogs and goes travelling as much as possible.


Luka Jagic

Luka Jagic is a business-oriented lawyer with a passion for technology law and personal data protection. He tries to be the link between law and business. Loves sports, history and travelling. A proud roommate of two amazing dogs.

Jelica Kusmuk

Jelica Kusmuk is the organizer of the Belgrade Legal Hackers chapter, a global organization of Legal Hackers. She organized several seminars, was a speaker, innovator, participant in various legal events, published several legal texts. She loves to research, read and write everything connected to law.




Ebru Metin

Ebru Metin is the founder and CEO of award-winning social enterprise, Legal Design Turkey. She is also acting as the ambassador of the European Legal Technology Association and a member of the Global LegalTech Consortium. Ebru trailblazes legal innovation in Turkey by combining legal design, technology and social innovation. Her chief happiness officer is her cat Manchi.


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