This series helps legal professionals use tech to their and their clients’ advantage.


Our goal is to serve as a resource on the most useful – in your case – tools, such as apps and software.

With the plethora of legal tech offerings, choosing “the best solution” for your needs might be difficult. Especially that many seem to be created with global firms and big law in mind, while not so suitable for solo and small practices.

So, we created this feed in particular for the solo, small and medium practices. The need for optimisation of the legal function delivery is universal. Even further, the smaller businesses might benefit more from technology, yet frequently do not yet apply such solutions. We hope to change this.

This series is for legal practitioners who want to introduce efficiencies to their business while aligning with their clients’ standards and expectations.

We cover legal-specific, as well as general tools that make work easier.

In each post, we present a given solution (what it is/does, claims, costs etc.) and provide a review.


The series covers the following tools (click on the titles to open each post):



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ChatGPT and the legal industry… according to ChatGPT

If you thought we wouldn’t take an interview with ChatGPT and ask for an opinion on its role in legal innovation, you are wrong. Because we absolutely did.

And it was “kind” enough to deliver some useful insights.  

Read on. 

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